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We like to keep things transparent with all our valued clients, which is why we've curated a list of safety protocols. Our team are trying hard to ensure we can continue to work after months of constant loss to our industry, due to the ongoing Melbourne lockdowns. 

We encourage all our clients to respectfully make themselves aware of our COVID-SAFE protocols, so that we can continue to work safely and reduce any risks of viral transmission between events. 

As of Tuesday the 26th of October 2021, the following protocols may apply to your booking/event with us:

·    Facial masks to be worn 

·    Barriers protecting your entertainers and their equipment throughout the duration of the event

·    1.5 metre distancing enforced between attendees and your entertainment 

·    Reasons to approach your entertainers on the day of your event may be prohibited (hosts/attendees)

·    Microphones may not be provided for speeches etc. without our COVID safe MC package 

·    We may advise that your event only use our recommended MC to maintain our work safe bubble

·    3rd party MCs MUST provide their own microphones or use the venue's house microphone

·    Our crew's table seating/meals MUST be served (R.E - weddings, corporate etc.) separate to other suppliers, staff and attendees

- To avoid disappointment, please ensure your song requests, as well as all other requests are made in advance via email. Your entertainment may introduce a virtual option for 'on the spot song requests' and other means of communication on the day as an alternative for some larger events. 

Due to the current circumstances we face, we uphold a strict zero tolerance policy for the following:

·    Heckling/approaching our crew members at any point of your event without authorisation

·    Touching or making any form of contact with our crew members and/or their equipment 

·    Drunken/intoxicated/risky behaviour that impacts our safety, equipment and personal space

We kindly advise that a breach to any means of our crew's safety and personal space, may result in a cease/minimisation of our services at any time if deemed necessary. 

Thank you for understanding, as we navigate through this extremely challenging pathway to COVID normal.

Your mutual respect and compliance to our COVID-SAFE plan is sincerely appreciated. Help us #SAVEOURSCENE


What happens if one of my entertainers are unwell and unable to perform at my event?

We're very fortunate to be linked to a wide range of entertainment providers around Melbourne/Victoria (this includes celebrants and MCs). In the unfortunate circumstance where it is deemed unsafe for one or more of our crew members to perform at your event due to illness, we will contact you immediately to organise one of our alternatives. 

What happens if I need to postpone my event due to a COVID related reason?

Believe us when we say, we've postponed so many events due to COVID-19! 

Firstly, we recommend consulting your entertainment/suppliers regarding potential dates that work within our availability and yours! This way, we can easily transfer your booking over to a new date...stress free! 

Best of all, there are no added charges, if all your details (venue/travel time, package details etc.) remain the same.

​If you need to cancel your entertainment booking under the circumstance that we’re unavailable on your new date, please see the following FAQ for cancelations. 


What happens if I need to cancel my event due to a COVID related reason? 

As every cancellation circumstance differentiates by time frame, restrictions, availability etc. we need to take into consideration that some event cancellations may severely impact our business. This is when prior work time, preparations, costs and other potential bookings may be lost from our end as a result of a last-minute cancelation. 

Depending on your circumstance, a full refund or partial refunds may be issued (excludes booking fees). All booking fees are strictly non-refundable and can only be transferred to another valid date with us. In the rare event where no refund can be issued, we may offer clients with a credit towards their next event as a gesture of goodwill.  

We will try to be as transparent as possible when it comes to this subject prior to booking with us.

Our biggest message here is - it is better to postpone/credit your balance towards a new date and avoid losing your booking fee +. We really want to perform for you and keep our business alive, which is why we honor date transfers in the event of a COVID related circumstance. Please support your suppliers during this time if you can, instead of cancelling all together. We will do all we can to take care of you as our client.


What is a booking fee? 

A booking fee is a minimum non-refundable deposit that acts as a ‘safety blanket’ when securing your event date from demand. We cannot guarantee your date will be reserved from further demand without your booking fee paid in full. This is a requirement for all events. 

This fee is deducted from your total balance and is not an additional cost to your entertainment package. 

Although the booking fee is non-refundable, it is fully transferrable to another available date with us, in the event of postponing due to a valid COVID related circumstance. 


What happens if my entertainment must cancel on me and there is no backup planned? 

We’ve never encountered a situation like this before and we hope that we never do. However, the times we face are extremely unpredictable and we don’t know 100% what COVID will bring (especially with new regulations etc.) So…we’re answering this question although we are completely against the concept of cancelling on our clients (especially without a backup offered!).

If this was EVER the case, a full refund would be issued. This would be the only exemption where our booking fee is included in the refund as well. 

Please note that under no circumstance is our unavailability classed as ‘us (MADZ GOT RICH) cancelling a booking’, in the event of a client postponing to a date where we are unavailable. 


Are you all (MADZ GOT RICH team/crew) vaccinated? 

YES! Our whole crew and any other extended staff working with us at your event will be fully vaccinated and carry their vaccination pass with them. 

Who is responsible for check ins at my event and vaccination status checks?

Your venue will be primarily responsible for guest check in and vaccination checks upon entry. We as suppliers will most likely be asked to confirm our vaccination status prior to your event date. 

Should I contact my entertainment/suppliers/vendors etc. if there was a COVID case at my event? 

Definitely! If you know of a confirmed COVID case at your event, please alert us immediately. Although we are registered with the venue as a supplier, the DHHS (Department of Health and Human Services) may be delayed when notifying us of a close contact. We want to avoid possible virus transfers between events at all costs. 

Thank you for taking the time to read our protocol and FAQs. If you have any other questions for us, please contact our team and stay safe!  

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